Golf day 2018

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Press release James Ross Jewellers Charity Golf Day 22/6/18 Venue:   West Hove Golf Club Beneficiaries: Adur Special Needs Project, RNLI Newhaven, Teenage Cancer Trust. A great day was had by all, fantastic weather and a very enjoyable round of golf with the course being in great condition.  We had a capacity of 24 teams of 4 playing. The eventual winners …

Watches in sport

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Ever since I was a young lad I’ve always had a massive interest in watches. I am lucky enough to be working in an industry that I am so passionate about. I wanted to share some amazing watches which hold a special part in sporting history. Very Rare Yema Rallye ‘Andretti’ Chronograph Circa 1969 I was so excited when I …

April Diamonds

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I recently received a great blog from my supplier LUKE STOCKLEY, showcasing some of the beautiful jewellery that they make using the April Birthstone of Diamond. Please contact me if you are interested in anything you see, or any other Diamond jewellery.

A watch with a history

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We have just carried out some research on a customer’s watch which once belonged to his Father now sadly deceased. We able to give our client details of who the watch was made by and some history about the company. Our client emailed me: ” When collecting my 20’s Omega watch on Saturday, you may remember that we discussed the …

What does luxury mean to you?

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I am in the business of selling luxury items to my customers, so I have been wondering recently about what luxury means to different people, and are peoples expectations changing? “A luxury item is something expensive which is not necessary but which gives you pleasure” – Collins English dictionary Going way back in history luxury has always represented status – …

How to tell how much your vintage watch is worth

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If you suddenly inherit a family heirloom watch, or you bought one yourself many years ago, but forgot you had it, how can you tell if it is valuable, or simply a family heirloom with emotional attachment? If you are already a watch enthusiast, then you will probably know the values of both the well known as well as the …

A historic jewellery item with a practical use

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Do you ever spill food down yourself or get food on your hand or mouth?  Well luckily, since Roman times there has been a solution to that – a napkin. But like many things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to use a napkin.  According to Debrett’s etiquette guide:- Napkins (never ‘serviettes’) should always be …

What do you know about Tudor watches?

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Tudor watches are the slightly younger, lesser known sibling of the superstar brand Rolex. How many of us have suffered from having an older successful sibling, and people not knowing you are related, or what your own strengths and beauty may be. Ironically, this is good for watch collectors, as it means you can own a great watch with the …

Why is precious metal precious ?

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Have you ever wondered why metals like gold and silver have been considered precious throughout human history? and how do you measure the value of precious metal? The reason a metal is considered precious is a combination of Geology, Chemistry and Economics. Firstly, precious metals are relatively rare – rare things are more valuable than things that are in abundance. …

Five essential jewellery items

Is it the time to build your personal jewellery collection ?

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Do you wear fashion jewellery ? Do you change your jewellery as fashions change ? Maybe now is the time for you to consider building a collection of fine jewellery that reflects your style and will remain timeless. “Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” – Coco Chanel Fine jewellery gives you confidence – there is nothing like the glow …