A Guide to Buying Jewellery as Christmas Presents

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Is buying your loved one jewellery for Christmas really such a good idea?  It’s something that strikes fear into the heart of many a romantic, especially men, but it’s actually easier than you might think.  Where people get it wrong is they go into jewellers’ shops unprepared and panic buy something that their partner just wouldn’t wear.  Either they get something that’s too fancy to be worn very often or they get something that just isn’t their partner’s style.  With a bit of preparation and a bit of help if necessary, it’s fairly easy to buy the person you love a piece of jewellery they’ll be delighted to receive on Christmas morning.

Use Your Eyes

Have a good look at the jewellery your partner already wears regularly.  If you never see them wearing necklaces then a necklace won’t be a great present.  Similarly, if they only ever wear silver, buying them a gold item might not be well received.  Looking closely at the jewellery they wear will also give you a good idea of the sort of things they like.  Is it plain?  Is it ornate?  Are there certain stones or colours they prefer?  All of these observations will give you a good starting place when you’re looking to buy them the perfect gift.

Diamonds Are Forever

It’s hard to find someone who says they don’t like diamonds.  They’re neutral coloured and sparkly.  What’s not to like?  Most people will appreciate a nice diamond item as they go with most outfits and add something special.

9 carat white gold diamond heart pendant and chain

Ringing True

Obviously, you have to be careful giving diamond rings as gifts if you aren’t actually planning on proposing marriage.  In fact, anything that is clearly a ring box wrapped up under the Christmas tree could give the wrong impression so make sure you are confident that your partner won’t take a gift of a ring the wrong way.

Playing it Safe

Another way to play it safe (not just avoiding unintentional marriage proposals) is to buy items that are guaranteed to fit, go with everything and no one could have a serious objection to.  Like diamonds, simple, elegant items are very hard to object to.  This is particularly so if they’re meaningful in some way such as containing a stone or gem which is important to them or featuring images or letters which are significant.  We have a workshop that allows us to make items of jewellery to your exact specifications so we could make you the ultimate meaningful but simple and elegant item of jewellery bespoke just for your love.  Who could be anything but pleased with that?

9 carat white gold diamond necklace

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Yes, you run the risk of tipping off your partner if you start questioning them about their jewellery preferences but it’s better to give them a hint that they might be receiving some jewellery for Christmas than getting it horribly wrong and see the ‘trying to look grateful but secretly disappointed’ face on Christmas morning.  If you really don’t want to talk to your partner about their preferences, you can talk to us.  Take a sneaky picture of your partner’s jewellery and show it to us.  We will get an idea of what they like and offer you some ideas.

Buying jewellery for your loved one isn’t something to fear.  If they wear jewellery already, you will always have a good starting point.  If they don’t wear jewellery then it’s probably not a great gift idea!  We’re always happy to give advice at James Ross Jewellers.  We see huge numbers of people coming in for Christmas presents each year so please feel free to pop in and speak to us.  You can also call us on 01273 239763 or email info@jamesrossjewellers.co.uk.

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