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A Guide to Buying Watches for Christmas

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Watches make great gifts not just because they’re a nice thing to have and they come in so many different styles, but also because of what they can symbolise.  Metaphorically giving someone time is a nice idea that lots of people like to embrace especially at Christmas.  The variety watches come in make them an appealing gift but they also present difficulties in choosing the perfect one for your loved one.  Someone who has lots of watches will have completely different requirements to someone who only generally wears one and that’s just for starters.  Here are some things to think about if you’re considering buying your loved one a watch for Christmas to help you narrow down your choices.

One Watch or Many?

The reason how many watches someone has is such an important factor when you’re thinking of buying a watch for them is because people who have lots of watches will probably like lots of different watches for different reasons but someone who only wears one will have a specific reason why they wear that watch.  If you’re buying a watch for someone who only ever wears one watch, it is best to try to find out why they only wear that one.  It could be for sentimental reasons which means it wouldn’t be a good idea to try to replace it.  In these situations, it could be a good idea to buy them a special occasion watch rather than one for everyday wear.

Ladies Rolex 9ct gold circa 1930s

Know Their Style

If you are buying a watch for someone who already has a few, make sure you get a good look at them all.  It’ll give you a great idea of the sort of thing they like.  If they don’t have lots of watches but don’t have a sentimental attachment to the one they wear, you can get some great tips on the sort of thing they wear by looking at other jewellery or even their clothes.  Are they flamboyant in their choices?  Do they like things plain and practical?  Is their style more quirky or alternative?  There are watches to match all these styles.

9 carat gold Swiss ladies jump hour watch circa 1930s

Watches for a Purpose

Sports watches are huge at the moment, especially amongst younger men.  It makes a great personalised gift when you buy someone a watch that has been designed for their favourite sport or hobby such as divers’ watches or yachtsmen’s watches.  Any watch which has been designed to withstand extreme conditions is a great gift for someone who fancies themselves as an adventurer as it can be seen as reflecting their personality as well as their style.

Gents Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph Model: CAF 1111 Circa 2009

Play it Safe

If your loved one isn’t a noticeably snappy dresser and doesn’t generally wear lots of bling jewellery, you can buy them the sort of simple elegant watch that no one would object to.  There are some absolutely beautiful and seriously classy watches which are simple enough to not offend anyone’s tastes but stylish enough to give a wow-factor.

18 carat gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Midsize Model: 6827 Circa: 1980

We’ve been selling watches for longer than we care to admit and have sold them as gifts for all kinds of people.  Just talk us through what you would like to buy and a bit about who you are buying it for and we will gladly give you some ideas based on our extensive experience.  To talk to us about a gift for a loved one, or a watch or jewellery for yourself, please give us a call on 01273 239763 or email

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