Brooches for a New Generation

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What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘brooches’?  Older ladies in their Sunday best? The Queen’s speech on Christmas Day?  It’s rare that anyone associates brooches with young fashionable people but fashion commentators have recently been saying that they’re making a comeback for people of all ages.  Liberty recently reported a 26% increase in brooch sales and they’re now being seen as a must have fashion accessory for their versatility and glamour.

High Fashion

In recent years, the catwalks of Alexander McQueen and Erdem have featured brooches used in various ways to add an extra something to their outfits.  With super fashionable designers like Isabel Marant, Delfina Delettrez and Christopher Kane designing brooches too, their reputation as something your granny might wear is definitely coming to an end.

Alexander McQueen Brooch

Practical Usages

Dating as far back as Roman times, brooches have been used to hold garments together or attach them to each other.  While there is little need to hold your toga up anymore, people of all ages still use brooches to hold scarves in place or even to replace lost buttons on jackets and cardigans and missing clasps on bags. That sounds rather lazy (not that we’re judging!) but it can also be quite a cool and quirky look especially for young people.

Inspired by Nature

Perhaps thanks to an infamous recent Supreme Court case relating to the Prime Minister’s prorogation of Parliament, a large brooch worn by the presiding Lady Hale in the shape of a spider has made insect shaped brooches rather popular.  In fact, jewellers have reported that lots of nature inspired brooches have been selling well including ones featuring butterflies, dragonflies, spiders, etc.

Lady Hale in one of her famous brooches

Individual Touches

The charm and appeal of a brooch may be that you can add it to essentially any item of clothing to make it more interesting and unique.  They can be worn on hats, over the top buttons of blouses, on jackets, on the lapels of coats, to dress up plain tops, on all different areas of handbags and to hold cardigans and scarves in place around the neck.  For people who want an individual look without the hefty price tag, brooches are a great option for adding to plain and commonly worn items to add a little something special.  As brooches become more fashionable for younger people and are being designed by prominent designers, the choice is constantly growing and brooches now range from small classic looks to large super modern statement pieces.

For Men

Lapel pins are a classic item of men’s jewellery but there are now ranges of actual brooches for men who want to add a bit of sparkle and pizazz to their suit jackets.  This shows just how far brooches have come from being simply an accessory worn by older women.

We’re delighted that brooches are becoming popular with the younger generation as we think they’re lovely and add a touch of glamour to any outfit.  Although we sell more of our well-known Seagull lapel pins for men than brooches, we do have some lovely antique and pre-owned items in stock and can also source any special items you would like.  If you would like to know anything else about the brooches we sell or any other items of jewellery or watches, please call 01273 239763 or email

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