Engagement Rings Made from Smart Phones and Other Alternative Materials

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A recent story about a couple who created an engagement ring out of the smart phone parts inspired us to look into the various types of materials people are choosing for their engagement rings nowadays and we weren’t disappointed in the variety available.  Although we are well known locally as a traditional jewellers who sell engagement rings made of gold and platinum, we are absolutely fascinated with these alternative materials so here is what we found out:

Smart Phone Parts

The couple who made the news recently created a unique engagement ring out of parts from the smart phones that brought them together.  After meeting on dating app Tinder, the couple credit their phones for the success of their relationship so the ring was made of parts from their iPhone 5s.  It comprises parts from the microphones they used to speak to each other, the cameras they used to enable video chats, the circuit boards that made the phones work and the gold band was made of gold taken from the phones’ mother boards.  Is this romantic or slightly weird? Or both?


Lightweight, hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, inexpensive, unique and aesthetically pleasing, wood is a great choice for a ring if you think about it.  All different types of wood can be used to make these rings and the wood is often combined with other materials to create really unusual and unique wedding and engagement rings.  They can be set with precious stones if desired and are durable if looked after properly.  Many people who are particularly close to nature or those who just fancy something different are choosing wooden rings when they get engaged.

Tungsten Carbide

We suspect that people choose tungsten carbide engagement rings purely because the name sounds really cool when anyone asks what their rings are made of.  They are also nearly impossible to scratch or bend out of shape.  Natural colour tungsten is a sort of gun metal grey which is very modern and stylish but it can also be plated black, white or even gold.  The material is satisfyingly heavy like platinum but a fraction of the price.


When practicality is everything, silicone is actually a great material to make an engagement ring out of.  Being flexible, hardwearing, waterproof and resistant to extreme temperatures, silicone is the engagement ring material for adventurers who would find a metal ring either uncomfortable to wear while they are doing their exciting sporty things or vulnerable to being broken or scratched.  It’s also very cheap, comes in a variety of colours and is very easy to customise.


Who wouldn’t want an engagement ring from the stars?  A huge part of the attraction of meteorite rings is the fact that they have fallen to Earth from space and that’s cool.  They are also unique in their patterns and shades and are easy to combine with other metals so create some interesting and unusual looking engagement rings.  The downside is that they can rust over time due to their often high iron content but can last a long time if looked after properly.

As makers of bespoke rings ourselves, we know that people are increasingly looking for unique engagement rings so we can absolutely see the attraction in these unusual materials.  We generally sell engagement rings made of gold and platinum but we can certainly look into sourcing alternative material rings if you need us to.  To talk to us about all kinds engagement rings or other jewellery or watches, please call 01273 239763 or email info@jamesrossjewellers.co.uk.

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