Jewellery Fit for a King – Elvis Presley’s Jewellery Collection

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The king may have left us for over 40 years now but it turns out that Elvis Presley and James Ross Jewellers have something in common: a passion for jewellery.  Although Elvis’s jewellery collection pales in comparison to some modern hip hop artists’, he had some iconic pieces and was as generous with giving it away as he was in paying money to jewellers to provide it.  A lover of all things gold and sparkly, Elvis bought his first diamond ring in 1956 and went on to become one of the most bling stars in history.

The King’s Rings

After purchasing that first diamond horseshoe ring in 1956, Elvis Presley went on to buy an extensive collection of diamond rings, many of which he gave away to friends and fans.  One such ring was shaped like the number 10, was 14 carat gold, had 16 diamonds and a black cabochon star sapphire.  It was worn by Elvis until his employee, Richard Davis, admired it and he gave it to him.  In 2016, it was listed at auction for $10,000 to $15,000.

Another ring worn by Elvis at his home, Graceland, in 1972 was dropped on the floor, when he kept slipping it on and off his finger, and stepped on by one of his entourage.  The broken ring still managed to fetch £33,500 at auction in 2018 despite never being repaired (tut tut, we could’ve fixed it for him for a very good price).  The 14K ring is in the shape of a lion’s head with diamonds for eyes.

Replica from Graceland Website

One of Elvis’s most famous rings, which he never gave away and no one stepped on, is his iconic TCB ring made for him by Lowell Hayes.  TCB stands for ‘Taking Care of Business’ which was a favourite catch phrase of Elvis’s and the name of his backing band.  It consists of 56 diamonds including an 11.5 carat solitaire and Elvis paid $35,000 for it.

Elvis’s Watches

Probably the King’s best known watch was his diamond bezel double singed Omega-Tiffany & Co. watch.  It was, however, only one of a number of notable watches he owned.  A particularly interesting one was the Rolex King Midas given to him by the Houston Astrodome Livestock Show & Rodeo in 1970.  It had an asymmetric rectangular case made of 18K solid gold and an integrated bracelet.  One of Elvis’s favourite watches was also the first watch in the world to use a battery.  The Hamilton Ventura was an interesting shape too and Elvis wore it for his film Blue Hawaii as a product placement advertisement.  He went on to buy later variants of the watch and give them as gifts to family and friends.

We don’t currently have any jewellery that was previous owned by Elvis Presley but we do have the ability to make custom jewellery that would’ve pleased the King.  Not only that, our collection of vintage watches features brands previous worn by Elvis as well as many other superstars over the years.  To speak to us about jewellery fit for the King of Rock n’ Roll – and everyone else really – call 01273 239763.

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