Jewellery Trends for 2020

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Customers come to our shop for all kinds of reasons and one of those, believe it or not, is because they want to be fashionable, so we thought we’d be helpful to all those who like to stay ahead of the trend with some tips on what jewellery is fashionable in 2020.  Making a statement seems to be the name of the game overall but there are also some more subtle trends like vintage gold (we’re pleased about that one), colours and shapes.

Statement Jewellery

Various fashion magazines are predicting that striking ‘statement’ jewellery is going to be big this year and we are already seeing such pieces on the catwalk.  Some celebrities have been seen wearing a single long and prominent earring to give an interesting touch to their look as well as wearing what are called ‘chandelier’ earrings which dangle all the way to the shoulder.  Using interesting and eye-catching jewellery to individualise a plain outfit like this has been a big thing recently as our previous blog post on brooches showed.

Designer – Anisha Parmar

Material Matters

Not only is silver jewellery predicted to be big this year after years of gold being the thing, glass is also predicted to be a popular material for jewellery particularly in the summer where it looks nice and light with summer clothes in necklaces and earrings.  Pearls, which are also great for creating a light and fresh look for the summer, have been in fashion for a while now but are sticking around in all the usual jewellery types like earrings and necklaces but are also being used to add a little something special to hair accessories and handbags.

Oldies but Goldies

Conversely, Instagram fashion influencers have been seen wearing vintage gold pieces this year (good news for us!) so this look is expected to be popular amongst followers of fashion.  Not only is this look popular because these pieces are so individual and special, it is sought after by those environmentally conscious folk who love the idea of recycling or upcycling or reusing older jewellery rather than buying new.  Obviously, we are going to point out here that we were in to vintage jewellery, particularly gold jewellery, before it was fashionable making us the ultimate hipster fashionable jewellery shop!

peridot pearl necklace

The Colour and the Shape

It’s not one particular colour which is in this year but lots of colour.  The big statement pieces mentioned earlier are appearing in bright colours and lots of designers seem to be mixing colours for their jewellery this year.  Heart shape motifs seem to be everywhere in fashion at the moment and that includes jewellery.  Chain jewellery is also popular with the very high end brands right now so will inevitably filter down into more everyday jewellery brands.

This year’s fashions are good news for us and our customers as we either have stock with will fit the bill or can easily get hold of any items people would like to be highly fashionable this summer.  Vintage gold jewellery is something we always have plenty of and our modern jewellery ranges are often silver with some very nice glass items too.  For people who really want something special to stand out from the crowd this year, we can even make custom jewellery just for you.  Speak to us about any particular fashionable jewellery you are looking for by calling 01273 239763 or emailing or come and browse in our shop.

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