Most Unusual Marriage Proposals

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As purveyors of every type of engagement ring, we love to see couples proposing to each other in all kinds of ways.  We’ve heard all about the most romantic traditional proposals as well as the more unusual ones.  To be honest though, we’ve never had anyone come into our shop with proposals as strange as these ones from the Chillisauce website.  We think they’re incredibly entertaining though and sneakily hope some people are inspired to try their own original proposals that they can come and tell us about (and buy their engagement rings for, of course).

Special Showings

Two hopeless romantics decided to make a show of their proposals by having videos recorded and shown on cinema screens.  One hopeful chap had his proposal video shown during the trailers before a film his beloved had gone to see before running into the cinema to hear her answer.  Another gent thought it would be a good idea to film a video of himself miming along to the David Bedingfield song ‘You’re not the one’ wearing nothing but colourful underpants and hiring out a cinema to show it to his girlfriend.  She was shocked to say the least.

Zero Gravity

If that wasn’t dramatic enough, one guy booked a zero gravity flight to pop the question while he and his intended were floating around weightless.  We would’ve loved to see him in the shop to buy a ring with the budget he must’ve had!!

High Speed Proposal

A much more affordable but equally creative way to propose is using a roller coaster, apparently.  One very inventive young man got his friends to help him hold up cards spelling out ‘will you marry me?’ while they all, included his girlfriend who was seated at the front and couldn’t see, sped down the last drop on a log flume roller coaster.  The girlfriend only saw their grand gesture when she was looking at the souvenir photos at the end of the ride.

Watery Gestures

Imagine visiting an aquarium and looking at all the beautiful fish when divers in scuba gear appear in the tank holding a sign saying, ‘will you marry me?’.  That’s what one hopeful gent did in Devon. 

A Big Question

Proposals don’t get much bigger than this one.  This ‘high flying’ chap wrote his marriage proposal out across a field like a crop circle so it could only be seen from the air.  Presumably, he took his intended for a flight over it to pop the ‘big’ question.

A Certain Ring to It

We don’t like to think many rings are more special than the ones we sell but we think this might be an exception.  A man had a tiny record with a voice recording of him proposing made to be incorporated into a ring that his intended could then play on a dinky record player.  Now that’s a ring we would have loved to have worked on.

No matter what your plans for proposing are.  Whether they’re hugely elaborate and a bit mad or pretty normal, we’d be delighted to help you either choose a ring or make one to your exact specifications.  Call us on 01273 239763 to talk to us about engagement rings or pop into the shop.

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