Synthetic Diamonds

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As long-standing purveyors of fine jewellery, we know our diamonds.  Although we currently only sell natural diamonds, we think the process of creating synthetic diamonds is absolutely fascinating and know that, with the popularity of synthetic diamonds growing all the time, it’s only a matter of time before we start encountering them on a regular basis.  The interest in synthetic diamonds took a sharp upturn last year when the famous diamond merchants De Beers starting selling them under a separate brand.  Here are a few things you might want to know about them.

How Synthetic Diamonds are Made

The first genuine man-made diamond was created in 1954 by subjecting a piece of carbon to very high temperatures and pressures.  This process resulted in a diamond that was very small and not even nearly clear enough to use in jewellery.  Refinement of the process over the years has produced much better results but the synthetic diamonds you generally find in jewellery today are produced using a different method altogether.  The Chemical Vapour Deposition method of creating diamonds involves growing diamonds from tiny ‘diamond seeds’ in a chamber filled with superhot carbon-rich methane gas.  The carbon in the gas sticks to the diamond seeds and the diamond grows carbon atom by atom over a period of three to four weeks.  Diamonds created using this method are typically cube shaped before being cut to the required shape.

What are the Qualities of Synthetic Diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds come in a variety of colours, sizes, clarity and cuts.  They sparkle in exactly the same way as natural diamonds.  Unlike diamond simulants, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite which look similar to diamonds but are not true carbon crystals, synthetic diamonds are real diamonds and have the same chemical composition as natural ones.  To the naked eye or even a jeweller’s loupe, there is no distinguishable differences between natural diamonds and synthetic ones.  They come with gem certification identifying them as laboratory created diamonds.

How are Natural and Synthetic Diamonds Different?

Only specialist equipment can differentiate between a natural diamond and a man-made one so why do people still choose natural diamonds which are more expensive?  People have all kinds of reasons but we believe that the fact natural diamonds are created up to 100 miles beneath the earth and have to be brought to the surface by a special kind of volcano and were there before dinosaurs walked the Earth just makes them that bit more special than ones grown in a laboratory.  Even though no one would know if the diamond in your favourite piece of jewellery was mined or grown, you would know if it had been created by a scientist or formed by awe-inspiring natural processes billions of years ago.  Regardless of the fact synthetic diamonds are real diamonds, they just don’t always have the same romance about them.

The natural diamonds we supply are always from certified ethical sources or recycled from old pieces of jewellery so you get the romance of a natural diamond but without the worry of where they might have come from.  To talk to us about any kind of diamond for engagement rings or any other special piece of jewellery, call 01273 239763.

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