How to tell how much your vintage watch is worth

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Five different sized watchesIf you suddenly inherit a family heirloom watch, or you bought one yourself many years ago, but forgot you had it, how can you tell if it is valuable, or simply a family heirloom with emotional attachment?
If you are already a watch enthusiast, then you will probably know the values of both the well known as well as the more obscure watch brands.

If you are not an enthusiast you will be pleased to know it is not just the Rolex’s and Patek Phillipe’s of this world that are attracting strong investment values,  nowadays some of the lesser known brands are also starting to be worth serious money. So what do you look for and where do you go to get an idea of your timepiece’s value?

Well obviously the first place to look is google (isn’t everything?).

Search for any words you see on the dial and look at the images to see if they match yours. These searches will hopefully narrow you down to the correct definition of the name and model, and maybe a date.

Using this information you can search specialist online shops (e.g. to start getting an idea of the price. The highest and lowest prices you see can be disregarded, so try and determine an average price for the piece.

The actual value of your watch will be influenced by the condition (scratches, dents), how well it has been maintained and serviced, does it have all the original parts and is there any paperwork (receipts, warranty cards etc.) that can prove the authenticity of the watch.

If after your research you think that you may possess something of real value you now need to talk to an expert to verify your findings and maybe offer you a price to buy it.

Some auction houses have experts who can offer a valuation service, or you can visit a retailer who specialises in vintage and pre-owned watches – such as James Ross Jewellers!Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Mid-size 78243 Box and Papers 2008

If however, you don’t want to do your own research and simply want an honest estimation of the value of your watch, please pop into my shop and I will happily give you my expert opinion – watches are a passion of mine.

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