The Importance of Customer Service

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On his travels recently, James was the recipient of some poor customer service and he found it such an off-putting experience that it got him thinking about how important offering good customer service is.  It’s something we take a great deal of pride in here at James Ross Jewellers and, in this electronic age, we think it’s more important than even.  When people can buy whatever they want online at any time of the day or night, we think it’s only good customer service that will make them actually shop in person and here are some reasons why:

Trust is Key

In our industry, it’s very important to establish trust with our customers.  We sometimes handle items with huge sentimental value and our customers have to trust us that we will look after these loved items.  There’s also the issue that there are a depressing number of fake goods out there such as fake designer watchers and imitation jewellery.  When you are buying an expensive item like a Rolex watch or a piece of jewellery with precious stones, you really need to trust that the jeweller is giving you the real article.  Over the years, we have established trust by providing consistently good customer service, always being scrupulously honest with all our dealing and charging fair prices.

Feel Good Factor

Providing this level of service also gives the customer a ‘feel good factor’.  Shopping is supposed to be a pleasurable thing and buying something special like an engagement ring or a present for a loved one should be an enjoyable experience.  That’s why we take the time to get to know our customers and what they want so we can show things that will suit their needs and help them to have a really nice time while they’re choosing that special something.  When we know our clients really well, we also have the pleasure of getting in stock we think they will like and then seeing their faces light up when we show it to them and know that we managed to get just the sort of thing they love.

Offer Something Different

Offering the personal touch is something you just don’t get when you shop online or in shops where they don’t put such value on customer service.  It means we can offer custom made items or source unusual things for our customers.  Creating custom jewellery is something that shouldn’t be rushed and the more creative the customer wants to be, the more time we take with them to make sure we understand exactly what they want.  To do this effectively, we use computer generated imagery to show them what their piece of jewellery will look like before we start making it.  This lets us get it just right.

Good customer service is so important to us for the simple reason that it keeps customers coming back to our shop.  When they feel like they’ve built trust with us, had a nice time in our shop and they’ve walked away with exactly what they came in for, they come back time and time again as well as telling their friends and family about us.  Not only that though.  It just makes us feel really good to see our customers leaving happy.  If you’d like to know more about how we keep our customers happy or would like something from us to make you happy, call 01273 289 046 or email

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