The World’s Weirdest Jewellery

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Jewellery should be beautiful, elegant and enhance the appearance of the wearer in our opinion.  We certainly try to sell jewellery that people describe as ‘stunning’, ‘cute’, ‘lovely’, ‘sparkly’ and other such nice phrases.  However, some people see things differently and produce jewellery which is none of these things.  In fact, there is jewellery out there that people would be more likely to describe as ‘weird’, ‘bizarre’, ‘frightening, ‘freaky’ and even ‘gross’.  As it’s October and nearly Halloween, we thought we’d invite you into the strange world of weird jewellery.  It’s not for the faint of heart or weak of stomach.

Teeth Jewellery

Have you ever had a tooth extracted and thought ‘what a waste’?  Have you ever thought ‘I bet they could do something interesting with that tooth’ or ‘wouldn’t that make a great piece of jewellery’?  No, we haven’t either.  We think it’s thoroughly bizarre but, nonetheless, Australian artist Polly van der Glas thought that making jewellery using real human teeth rather than gemstones was a great idea.

Face Distortion

There are some unusual trends and beauty fads in the world but this one has us just saying ‘why?’.  Designer Büyükünal created these thin gold bands to distort the face to create asymmetry and emphasise certain parts.  Clever, but why would anyone want that?

Bits of Barbie

If this isn’t intended to be a Halloween thing, we think it should be.  Weird and slightly disturbing, these jewellery items use parts of Barbie and other dolls to make into jewellery.  They are the brain-child of jewellery designer Margaux Lange and they make us wonder what her house looks like.  Shiver!

Dead Stuff

Just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore disturbing, here is artist April Hale who makes jewellery out of road kill.  Yep, you read that right.  She uses the skin and bones of animals killed on the road and turns them into jewellery.  Using dead animals in jewellery is nothing new though as, apparently, taxidermy jewellery has been around since the Victorian times.  Is this, perhaps, even a bit much for Halloween?

Eye Bling

Without involving anything dead, this item made us go a bit funny more than any other.  A designer in the Netherlands called Eric Klarenbeek thought it would be a great idea to create a line of jewellery which allowed people to hang jewels from their eyeballs.  These very special contact lenses include a very thin wire with diamonds or crystals at the end.  Why?  Just why?

Hair Raising

Definitely not the worst but definitely a bit odd, artist Kerry Howley creates jewellery using hair.  It’s an interesting idea but we can’t help thinking it looks like what’s left at the bottom of the bath after someone with very long hair has been using it.  And what would you wear with it?

For people who want nice normal jewellery made of gold or platinum or silver featuring diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds or semi-precious stones like jewellery usually is, we have a lovely selection of new and vintage jewellery.  If you want something really special (but please say you don’t want it to involve human teeth or taxidermy rodents), we can make you a bespoke item to your exact specifications.  Call James Ross Jewellers on 01273 239763 or email to talk about jewellery people would actually want to wear.

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