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Valentine’s Day Special – Romantic Jewellery Inspiration

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It’s that time of year again when love is in the air and our shop is buzzing with people wanting to express their love through jewellery.  For most of these romantics, not any old piece of jewellery will do.  They want something special and something particularly romantic and most struggle to know which piece of jewellery will be most suitable.  As such, here are some ideas for romantic jewellery taken from the world of film, celebrities and gifts intended for ordinary folk.

Jewellery from Iconic Romance Films

We all love a bit of inspiration from our favourite films so here are some famous jewellery from popular romantic movies:

Remember that scene in Pretty Woman where Richard Gere slaps the jewellery box lid down on Julia Robert’s hand as she reaches in?  Did you see what was in it?  It was a lovely ruby and diamond necklace that he subsequently puts on her to take her to the opera.  Who wouldn’t want to invoke that famous scene with their Valentine?

Maybe amongst all the high drama, intense emotions and great big sinking ship action of Titanic, you missed the lovely romantic jewellery Kate Winslet was wearing but, in one memorable scene, she wears a gorgeous blue diamond necklace cut into the shape of a heart.  What a lovely Valentine’s Day gift something like that would make (especially if your Valentine is a big Titanic fan).

Gifts for the Stars

Who wouldn’t want to treat their Valentine like a celebrity?  How about one who married the same person twice?  A ring like the emerald and diamond one gifted to Liz Taylor by her twice husband Richard Burton would make a lovely gift but, unfortunately, it was valued at around two to three million dollars so is probably out of most people’s price range.

It’s not all about the price though as a piece of jewellery with sentimental value can be far more meaningful and imagine being able to say you treat your Valentine like royalty?  Kate Middleton was gifted a very special ring indeed when Prince William gave her a sapphire and diamond ring once owned by his mother, Princess Diana.  Being able to gift a ring previously owned by a princess is pretty special but far more affordable options include second hand or antique jewellery with interesting histories.

Real Life Romance

Romantic jewellery doesn’t have to be just for the movies or for the rich and famous.  There are lots of nice affordable items which make great Valentine’s gifts without the need for extensive film knowledge.  Lockets are always a nice romantic option because you can personalise them with notes, pictures or even locks of hair if you’re so inclined.  Personalised items are always a nice choice and there are some really interesting ways to add a personal touch to jewellery now other than just putting your names on things.  People are choosing jewellery engraved with the coordinates of where they met on and even with the soundwaves created by them saying ‘I love you’ or their loved one’s laugh.  Anything heart shaped is a classic choice but if that feels a tad predictable, why not choose something with an infinity sign instead to symbolise your endless love?

Whether your Valentine is a movie buff or just an old fashioned romantic, we have jewellery ideas for you.  We’ve been selling jewellery for Valentine’s Day for decades so we can help out even the most hopeless romantic so please feel free to ask us for ideas, order in special items or customise jewellery especially for your love.  Give us a call on 01273 239763 or email info@jamesrossjewellers.co.uk.

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