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We have just carried out some research on a customer’s watch which once belonged to his Father now sadly deceased.

We able to give our client details of who the watch was made by and some history about the company.

Our client emailed me:

” When collecting my 20’s Omega watch on Saturday, you may remember that we discussed the watch left by my father to my brother.

My father used it throughout the 2nd world war: in Syria, in the western desert (Siege of Tobruk) and also in India and the Burmese jungle.
He told me that it was Tudor and that he had it since the beginning of the war and it had always kept good time despite the conditions.

Have now spoken to my brother, who has taken the attached photos. He cannot see the name ‘Tudor’ anywhere, or any military designation.
The only marks he can see are ‘Swiss made’ in small letters on the dial and the number ‘160139’ near the strap bar, which may or may not be the date of manufacture?

Not sure if this is enough for you to go on, and it may be that my father was mistaken in his identification. “

Upon inspection, we realised it was not a Tudor it was in fact made by Arcadia who’s history can be found here http://www.swisstime.ch/en-ARCADIA-m934.html.

There were no military markings, that said, it could have been purchased from the NAAFI.

Here are some images of the watch:

Arcadia WW2 watch Arcadia WW2 watch

What really interested me is the life that the gentleman whose watch it was had lived.

His Obituary can be read here in the Telegraph, http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/obituaries/11250567/Major-Harold-Pettinger-obituary.html

I just love vintage watches no matter what the value, it always interests me as to what story they could tell. On this occasion, we were able to get a great insight into the wearer’s life.

Please contact me if you have any questions about vintage watches.

Harold Pettinger's medal citation

Harold Pettinger’s medal citation

Harold Pettinger Obituary

Harold Pettinger Obituary

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