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Wedding and engagement rings are so much more than jewellery.  For many people, they are items they will wear every day for the rest of their lives as a symbol of love and everlasting loyalty.  Because asking someone to marry you is such an important and defining moment in your life, getting a ring that symbolises what that moment means, is vital.  We know how much engagement and wedding rings mean to people so we provide the most caring service possible and tailor every part of it to your individual needs.


Gone are the days when a man would pick out an engagement ring from selection in a shop window before using it to propose to his beloved.  Now couples want the perfect ring or rings made to their exact specifications.  That’s why, in addition to having access to a wide range of customisable rings we can order in, we have an inhouse design service where we use computer generated imagery to bring your dream engagement ring to life on the screen before making it in gold, white gold or platinum for you.

Your Big Moment

For romantics who want to surprise their beloved by getting down on one knee with engagement ring in hand or sneak a ring somewhere for their love to find, you can choose a diamond and we’ll provide you with a temporary ring for you to propose with.  Once they’ve accepted your lovely romantic proposal, you can both come into the shop to choose or design your perfect ring to set the diamond in.

Whatever your engagement plans are, speak to us about the engagement and wedding rings you want and will either find or make the rings you have always dreamed of and will symbolise your love forever.

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