Cash For Gold or Silver Jewellery

Turn unwanted gifts or jewellery you know you’ll never wear again into the money to buy the things you really want by selling it to us.  Our long-standing reputation for honesty means we will always offer you a fair price for any gold or silver jewellery you would like to get rid of.

Simply bring any items you no longer want into the shop in Portslade, Brighton and Hove, and we will give you a quote for what we would pay for it.  You are under no obligation to sell it to us and we will always give you an explanation as to why we have quoted the price we have.

With us, you know you are dealing with a long-established family jeweller you can trust and there is none of that slightly worrying sending jewellery in the post you get with some online companies.

Pop in and speak to us about any gold or silver jewellery you don’t want any more whether it has come to you from a deceased relative, been given as a gift, is part of a set where the rest has been lost or just isn’t your cup of tea anymore.

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