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Whether you are looking for your dream timepiece, a very special gift for a loved one or a wise long-term investment, we can help you find the perfect vintage or pre-owned watch.  We can help you find the vintage watch you’ve always wanted, source a vintage Rolex from the year you were born or offer you a lovely watch based on your preferences.

Pop into our shop in Portslade, Brighton and Hove, to see which watches we have in stock or talk to us if there is something special you are looking for.  With our extensive experience in selling vintage watches, we always keep a good stock of the sort of watches people ask us for and have excellent connections to source specialist pieces on request.

Not all of our watches are vintage and prestige though.  We have plenty of very nice watches which are affordable but still reliable and look great.  Because all watches need a little love and care over the years, particularly the very old ones, we also offer servicing and repairs on all kinds of watches.

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