Rolex Tudor restoration

I had a gentleman visit my shop with a very tired and worn out watch which had once belonged to his grandfather. 

He said he just wanted it get it going again.  When I took a closer look at the watch I realised it was in fact a very nice Rolex Tudor. 

The dial looked as though someone had tried to clean it and the dial paint had all but disappeared.  The chrome plating on the case had also worn away.  As you can see from the photos the watch was also missing it’s crown and stem (winder). 

Vintage Rolex tudor before restoration

The movement was in a poor state and rusty, however it was nothing we couldn’t save.  I explained to the customer that we could get the watch looking great again.  We carried out a complete overhaul and de-rust of the movement, stripped and re-chromed the case, supplied and fitted a new crown and stem and had the dial painted/restored. 

Tudor watch after restorationThe look on the customer’s face when he collected it was priceless, he was over the moon and said it looked exactly as he’d remembered it on his grandfather’s wrist.  It always gives me great pleasure when the customer see their treasured timepiece looking as it should do.

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